Why matrix as a chat system?

There are many services and programs for instant electronic communication. Matrix was chosen because it has the following characteristics:

  • Open standard (no technical dead end)
  • Communication protocol for federated real-time communication (no isolated solution but like e-mail with worldwide connectivity)
  • Differentiated communication possible (1:1, multiple teams, topic-specific)
  • Decentralized, persistent and interoperable communication (no central control instances, connectable with other protocols and tools)
  • Data protection: end-to-end encryption standard in 1:1 conversations and (group) rooms, can be switched off in the latter
  • Web application + desktop client + mobile apps available
    • The contacts on your own cell phone are not automatically passed on to third parties (no address book upload)
  • Connection to existing authentication systems (e.g. TU Dresden)
  • Existing successful security audit
  • Autonomy and control: locally installable (server location TU Dresden)
  • Recognize the presence status
  • Active further development
  • Up-and-coming use by other scientific institutions (e.g. lots of German universities)

Further informationen: https://matrix.org/docs/chat_basics/

Detailed explanation of technical terms: https://matrix.org/docs/older/faq/#definitions

Institutions of higher education (e.g. universities) with a Matrix service:

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