Element iOS

Downloads for: iOS (iPhone/iPad)


  1. After opening the Element app for the first time, select “I already have an account”.

Setup display of the Element app on first launch. Wipeable hint texts are displayed and below them are the “Create account” and “I already have an account” buttons.

  1. Then enter your ZIH login in the “Email or username” field. (You will find your ZIH login in the profile of the Self-Service Portal in the Account Information section as “Login user name”.) In the “Password” field, enter your ZIH password.

Configuration screen of the Element app. The fields “Email or username”, “Phone number” and “Password” are displayed. Additionally, the checkbox “Individual server options” is on the page and the two buttons for logging in via Apple or facebook.

  1. Check the “individual server options” checkbox and enter https://matrix.tu-dresden.de in the “home server URL” field.

Configuration screen as in step 2. The Custom Server Options checkbox is selected so that the Home Server URL text box appears.

  1. Finally, you can log in by pressing the “Sign in” button.
Text and images are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.