Element Desktop

Downloads for: Windows macOS Linux

After a desktop installation, make sure to use the existing account with the ZIH login and not to create a new account on another server. Here the example of Element:

Selected login button in the element matrix client

This is done by clicking on Change. Then you will not accidentally end up on the wrong server…

Change login page with focus on the homeserver button

Now you can manually specify the home server: tu-dresden.de

Input field to change the home server with the input matrix.tu-dresden.de

Afterwards the one-time login with ZIH login and ZIH password must be carried out:

Login window with request to enter ZIH login and password

By activating the slider under Settings > Settings > “Automatic start after system login”, the element client starts after every reboot and you no longer miss any notifications due to accidentally closing the browser tab in the usage variant with the Web App.

settings marked with the dot start automatically after system startup

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