Element Android

Downloads for: Android (Google Play) Android (F-Driod)


  1. After opening the Element app for the first time, select “I already have an account”. You will then be prompted to select a server.

Setup display of the Element app on first launch. Wipeable hint texts are displayed and below them are the “Create account” and “I already have an account” buttons.

  1. Tap here on the last option “Other”.

Selection of a server: You can see the options “matrix.org”, “element matrix services” and “Other”.

  1. Enter tu-dresden.de in the address field and confirm server address by tapping the “Continue” button.

“Other” screen to connect to custom server. The Address text box requires the server address to be entered, and below it is the Continue button.

  1. Enter your ZIH login in the “User name or e-mail address” field. (You will find your ZIH login in the profile of the Self-Service Portal in the Account Information section as “Login user name”.) After entering your ZIH password in the second field, you can log in using the “Login” button.

Screen “Connect to tu-dresden.de” expects the input of the ZIH login in the text field “Username or email” and the input of the ZIH password in the text field “Password”. To connect, the button “Sign in” is on the display.

Text and images are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.