Accessibility declaration

This declaration on accessibility applies to the chat application Matrix/Element of the Technische Universität Dresden published at

As a public body within the meaning of the Barrier-free Web Sites Act (BfWebG), the Dresden University of Technology makes every effort to make its Web sites and mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with the provisions of the Barrier-free Web Sites Act (BfWebG) in conjunction with the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0).

Creation of this declaration of accessibility

This declaration was prepared on 05.09.2020 and last updated on 05.09.2020.

State of accessibility

No BITV test for the web application Element has been performed yet.

Non-accessible content

  • The login page has too low contrast.
  • The chat application has too low contrast, can only be operated in its basic features using a screen reader.
  • The chat application is not always operable with the keyboard.


Accessible alternatives are for example the command line clients matrix-commands, weechat-matrix or gomuks.


Should you notice any shortcomings in terms of barrier-free design, please contact

Enforcement procedures

If we do not process your feedback satisfactorily from your point of view, you can contact the Saxon Enforcement Panel: Commissioner of the Saxon State Government for the interests of persons with disabilitiesAlbertstraße 10, 01097 Dresden

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