Matrix at TU Dresden

Matrix is a free and open, secure, decentralized protocol for real-time communication, also known by the name of one of its clients, Element.

In recent years, the need for supporting digital tools for team collaboration has increased. A central tool is a team chat. According to Wikipedia, a chat refers to “electronic communication by means of written text in real time, usually via the Internet”. (Source). With a messenger team members can make each other aware of current information and especially share links (hyperlinks / links) for further collaboration (e.g. for finding appointments, collaborative writing, planning events, editing data, code, mind maps,). Due to the lack of a centralized offer so far, many teams at TU Dresden have been looking for their own solutions, some of which are privacy-critical or cannot be linked to other systems.

In order to meet the demand for real-time communication, the open communication protocol Matrix was introduced in a pilot operation at the TU Dresden at the end of 2018, after a comparative analysis of several potential solution options, and presented to the CIO in April 2019. In autumn 2019, the pilot operation was transferred to regular operation. e.g. digital teaching (Videos by Prof. Lasch) with Matrix in addition to the OPAL application.


Questions and Contact

Please address general questions to the service desk of TU Dresden:

If the service desk is unable to help, questions are forwarded to the decentralized administration team that accompanies Matrix at the TU Dresden.

The ideal is to deal with problems in a transparent way, from which all others can learn. This can be done by describing the situation in the Matrix Support Room - here problems and solutions can be discussed together:

For some anomalies you can try to empty the cache and reload everything: Settings > Help & About > Clear Cache and reload

Current maintenance is announced in the matrix room

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